We, Kipekee cooperate with an organization that supports the independence of women in social disadvantages such as refugees, people in slams, and DV victims in Kenya, and Araji, an NPO operating in Sierra Leone, West Africa, which is said to be one of the poorest countries. We support people in socially disadvantaged through producing and selling apparel and miscellaneous goods.

We build businesses in Japan to provide opportunity to those people who have received technical support to become independent .

Company representative has been involved in all phases of apparel such as apparel and miscellaneous goods production management, quality control and domestic and overseas sales for more than 10 years. She asked an organization that teaches sewing technology in Kenya to produce masks for school there as a part of CSR activities. The organization she got acquainted with this activity told her that "No matter how much skill I teach, there is no place to make use of it."

When she handed over a sample of the shirt she brought from Japan and asked them to make the same type of shirt, she found that they match the pattern up well and the backing cloth was attached even though she did not give any detailed instructions.

What she was impressed was, from her experience in production management in other countries, there were some cases that items she received didn't meet standards even though she handed over the specifications and gave a lot of instructions. But the organization she asked to make masks did well without any specific instructions. From this experiences, we decided to make a platform that would create the future after technical assistance.

"Awaken Yourself"

"Kipekee" would like to display their talents by creating businesses on an equal footing with local producers and adds color to their lives, and lets everyone enjoy their unique fashion through vibrant and colorful products. We would like to be a bridge to create a rich world where you can display your unique personality and talents.

We operate Kipekee the Cafe in an old folk house, which is an important cultural property, in the Mameda district of Hita City, Oita Prefecture.

It is also a showroom where you can see Kipekee products.

Customers can enjoy specialty coffee and Azerbaijani natural wine here.

You can also enjoy books about overseas, and since it is fully equipped with Wi-fi and power supply, please spend your time as a nomad work place or co-working space.

We would like to provide a place for local students who have few opportunities to come into contact with overseas, and hold events that connect with overseas to fill the global gap in the region.

Please feel free to drop by.

Store name:Kipekee -the Cafe-

Address:877-0006 2-13 Minatomachi, Hita City, Oita Prefecture

It is a building with a sign of"六月雪"near the Mamedamachi shopping street.

Business hours:11:00-18:00 (17:30 L.O)

Regular holiday:Sunday (may be closed irregularly)